The most common questions we hear are 'How can you do it',  'How do you make any money' or 'Whats the catch'...

The real question that should be asked is "Why are other companies charging so much?".  It costs a lot less to run a real estate company than many are lead to believe. 


How do we do it?  It all starts by managing expenses, which we do more effectively than most.  Keeping expenses low allows us the freedom to pay 100% commission.  We also leverage mutually beneficial relationships that create true win-win situations for everyone involved.

MORE Realty agents pay only  $129.99 per month which covers E&O and inlcudes a long list of tools for the agents.


How do we make our money? All agents pay $129.99 per month and we offer an optional fee based Transaction Coordination service.   These two items alone pay our bills. 





On top of that we have a successful leads program that earns us income as well.

Whats the Catch?  There is NO-CATCH. Our Agents pay $129.99 per month, we provide a long list of valuable tools, cover the E&O and they get paid 100% commission.  Period. 

You owe it to yourself to learn MORE.  Contact us Today!


— Dana C., Realtor

“More Realty has done nothing but impress me, from the tools provided to the services and the people. The transaction coordination has been amazing, everything is taken care of from start to finish. Saves me time to do my business. And, of course, you can't beat 100% commission!!”

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