MORE Realty Transaction Department

This is an optional fee based service we provide at MORE Realty.  Save Time and Increase Your Income.  Let our transaction coordination department  simplify your life and relieve some of your stress making you more prodcutive.
  • Focus your time and energy on income producing activity

  • Not mandatory, but an optional Service at agents request

  • Off-Load tasks that cost you time

  • Let us help you double your production

  • We market your listings for you!

  • We also market the agent!

  • We review your paperwork for accuracy and completion

  • We chase trailing documents for you

  • Take time off with confidence knowing that you are covered

  • Reduce stress, increase your income


"I literally doubled my production using the MORE Realty TC department! I’m Sold!"

Lee J.

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MORE is a registered trademark of MORE Realty

14945 SW Sequoia PKWY #150

Portland OR  97224


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